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Codaphonic - The Ballad of Codaphonic

by Codaphonic


Born out of a deep appreciation for literate pop/rock music in the tradition of Harry Nilsson, XTC, Jellyfish and their ilk Codaphonic conjures up smart, poignant pop-rock songs intertwined in a variety of styles.

1. Never Slows Down
2. A Lot Like Me
3. Barefoot At Breakfast
4. P.C.H.
5. Long Night
6. The Most Important Thing
7. Call-In Show
8. Nothing To Do
9. Tumble & Fly
10. Sun vs. Moon
11. Same Clothes
12. Beethoven's Birthday

"Codaphonic sound is bright, hook-filled power pop with a bit of subversive edge a la Harry Nilsson... with a bit of Sloan thrown in for good measure"Absolute Powerpop


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