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Nemo 1934 - Vol. 1

by Nemo 1934


Nemo 1934 was a rock band from North Carolina. The band originated in Greenville, North Carolina in 1996 and later relocated to the piedmont in 1999. Their raw sound drew influences ranging from Acid Bath to Doc Watson. While their live shows ignited the spirits of those lucky enough to experience them, that which burns bright is the hardest to sustain. The band didn't last long past the release of Vol. 1 in 2001. Yet, the reissue of Vol. 1 attempts to honor that legacy.

10" 110g black vinyl with printed sleeve and insert.

All vinyl orders come with a digital download code for Bandcamp.com. Digital downloads include bonus tracks "Our Stolen Car" and "The Airport".

1. 24
2. 95
3. Lady Luck
4. Dead Summer
5. Bye Bye Bluebird

Fourth pressing

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